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Saturday, August 25, 2012


I used to go to a lot of meals with more than 200 people on the well-described political "rubber chicken circuit."  I do not remember experiencing community there, nor at any other fund raising meal which I ever attended.  

Certainly there are annual occasions where a different sort, a more theatrical sort, of liturgy is appropriate, something more of a witness to the larger community to which we belong.  Yet, for me, for a Sunday liturgy to fulfill its call to nurture the faithful for living the way of Jesus in the money-grubbing paganism which surrounds so many of us, the community of Christians small enough to share one cup, and know and care for each other, seems the more appropriate size.

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  1. Very thoughtful, Tom. The "natural" size of the community is the number of persons who can share one cup (not one jug) and one loaf.