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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Biblical archaeology is not really relevant to liturgical practicalities, but I find this web page to have a very interesting theory.
If this author is correct, it would make a peace settlement in Jerusalem much easier because the holiest sites for the Jews and Muslims would be separate.

He posits that the present "Temple Mount" is actually the base for the "Antonia Fortress" and that the "Second Temple" site was to the south, between the present mount and "City of David" [with has the Gihon Spring and the Pool of Siloam].

One reason this makes sense to me is that the mount is the one thing in Jerusalem NOT destroyed by the Romans. 
There is also evidence that there  was later a Roman temple on the site when the city was Aelia Capitolina under Roman settlement.

I suggest you at least look at the illustrations and see whether they give you pause.

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