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Friday, April 15, 2011


I think I see three categories among the responses to the survey which I described in the previous blog. 

There seem to be a great number of desiderata on which all might agree which are listed below.  

There would be disagreements as to the necessary means to these ends because the selected means would depend a great deal on which of the other two categories of ends one favored.  I see those two lists as being focused on distinguishable priorities.

Yet, in Roman Catholic liturgy, all seem to seek a sense of: 

  • Living tradition
  • Poetry in prayer and in song
  • The sacred that goes beyond mysteriousness into the heart of the matter
  • Breaking the bonds of time and space
  • Understanding and awareness of God’s love, grace and energy
  • Room for reflection and prayer.
  • Attention to the word of God proclaimed and preached
  • Quality
  • Purposefulness and focus on the work
  • Prayer obviously directed to God in a way that is personal
  • Connection between what is done as church on Sundays with what is done at home, at work, at school, and at play.
  • Connection to Jesus
  • Connection to the people around me
  • Connection to the people who came before.
  • Sincere, warm welcome to those who come to church alone
  • Connection of the scripture to the daily lives of regular people
  • Mission in the world.
  • Joyful participation in hymns
  • True welcome shown to every member of the assembly
  • Warm welcome for new worshipers or visitors.

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