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Thursday, February 3, 2011


The feast observed throughout the United States this week is Super Bowl Sunday, the annual banquet in the presence of the television set which requires copious amounts of finger food and beer. 
The minor feast of Valentine's Day intervenes between Super Sunday and Oscar Night, which is a lengthy evening banquet, also requiring the gathering of a household congregation before the television set, but with more elegant finger foods and wine.

As a surprise, I am asking you to actually participate in both of these celebrations. As ministers always do, I ask you to arrive on time and to stay for the entire service. Please be present for all the elements of the service which take place in the worship space, including the opening anthem or monologue. Please do not leave until the awards have all been presented. The multi-hour pre-game and post-game programs are optional, but please do not disturb the devotions of the fervent while entering or exiting the congregation.

Observe these two feasts, and ask yourself, “Why do so many people both celebrate these events and complain about them?”

Use the comments section of this page to explain what is wrong with them as events.
What works and what does not work in the manner in which they are presented?
What could most obviously be done to make them better?

Once we have observed these pagan rituals, let us see if some of our presentation judgments are applicable to our Christian liturgies.

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